• Data recovery services experienced data loss in any recording environment Logiturk by technology in any case, a high success rate with many companies, individuals and institutions that provides access to data. The inside of the opening of the disk is required in situations where absolutely dust-free class 100 (class 100) cleanroom, the use is mandatory. Otherwise, dust in the environment invisible to the human eye consists of thousands of bad sectors on the disk barinara significantly within a couple of minutes and the data is damaged.
  • The structure of the newly established IP Office of your cabling and infrastructure services and the establishment of haritalandirili, except for new standards or existing network reorganization in the system The selection of appropriate technologies to the services we provide.Services in line with the needs of your organization after-sales support we are completing.
  • Hızla gelişmekte bizimde içinde bulunduğumuz ve ana iş kolumuz olan IT sektörünün avantajlarını nasıl kullanacağınız konusunda sizlere profesyonel danışmanlık hizmetleri sunuyoruz.Network ve sistem güvenliği, firmanızın iş süreçlerini dijital ortamdan takip edebileceğiniz yazılımların yönetimi konularında bilişim danışmanlığı hizmeti veriyoruz.
  • 30Dec
    Cloud technology to perform multiple server via a digital network connection. In the absence of cloud technology,the web server it was like a single computer. Assume we have a server that can offer up to 1000 pages per minute.For example, a 2000 page per minute, and our site became very popular and began to be displayed.The popularity of our site as it increases the duration of the answer that the server gave to the followers of followers will be upset about this, and therefore will be reduced and will lose interest in the site. The increase in density as the waiting time increases,the response time will extend.
  • 29Dec
    Otto Tayf the company planned the transition in 2017 logo tiger ERP Software for server systems, network infrastructure is being reorganized by our company.
In fact, Powerful Technology
Logitürk Technology, since its establishment in 2006, has been operating in the IT sector. SME and retail customers in the IT field, our company, which provides support for Network Computing has gained the ability to move with the customer. Our company, thanks to the wide range of services and products that have provided subject matter experts in the development stage of growth since 2008, and continues adding experience to experience with customers. We know the road we have taken to trade and development in the face of infinite size i...
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